Material You - by Google

6 Aug 2021
6 Aug 2021

On May 18, 2021, Google launched their Material You design style at I/O. Material You is aimed at the Android operating system, and will be found in the upcoming Android 12, which came in the first beta on the same date, and which is expected to come to the first phones later this year.

Google has previously used the design style Material design and is building on it.

New things in Material You

There are many new things in Material You, and the first one we want to focus on is "You"
Great emphasis has been placed on the personal and the users' options to adapt the design to the individual user. At the same time, Google/Android must help the user to achieve super nice results that are stylish and work, e.g. by choosing color palettes from images as the background image.

Another thing that is emphasized in Material You is that it must be alive & adaptive. The design has always adapted, but now more emphasis is placed on it having to fit everything from watches to TVs. At the same time, it becomes more alive, so animations, slides, etc. will feel more fluid

Ease of use is also focused on, and this applies both to design and layout, but also in relation to helping people with diagnoses, disabilities and the like. better able to use the technology.

Some that the more design-related things that come with Material You are

Larger elements (buttons, widgets, etc.)
Larger rounded corners
Different shapes together
More use of animation
Web design and Material You

Material You is made for Android, but often when companies like Google, Microsoft and Apple come up with new design styles, it also affects web design.

Therefore, expect that some of the things you see in e.g. Material You within a period of time starts to become more and more common on web pages.
It is therefore also important that as a web designer you follow when new operating systems etc. is presented.

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