The fight against cancer

13 Sept 2023
6 Apr 2024

Flex4Business ApS continues its long-standing tradition of supporting the important initiative, Knæk Cancer (The fight against cancer). This year, we are taking an additional step by donating 25,000 DKK to the cause.
This marks the 8th consecutive year that we have contributed to Knæk Cancer (The fight against cancer).

How Can You Contribute to the fight against cancer?

Whether you want to support individually or as part of a business, there are multiple ways to contribute to the fight against cancer. You can either do so through Knæk Cancer (The fight against cancer), by signing up for a monthly donation, or through a one-time contribution.

For more information or to donate to Knæk Cancer (The fight against cancer), you can click here (danish link). If you wish to support the fight against cancer in other ways, please visit the Danish Cancer Society's website.

Does Flex4Business Support Other Causes?

In addition to our commitment to Knæk Cancer, Flex4Business supports a range of other social and charitable causes. You can read more about our other support initiatives on our dedicated page: "Flex4Business Supports".

We are broadly engaged and have previously contributed to organizations such as the Heart Foundation, as well as various local associations.

Beyond supporting charitable causes, we also focus on minimizing our environmental footprint in our daily work.