What can QR codes be used for?

17 Nov 2022
10 Apr 2024

What are QR codes?

QR codes are barcodes that can be scanned with a phone and which can contain several different types of information including, for example, links, phone numbers, emails, etc.
QR stands for quick response, and the QR code has many uses. ; back when it was invented in 1994 by Denso-Wave which was a Japanese company. Originally, it was to be used in car production, but is today mostly used for marketing.

In some places, QR codes are used a lot for; eg. printed material, such as guides and the like, and although there are some who see them as outdated, such research shows that they are incredibly effective in many places - not least now that most smartphones can scan them (even often with the normal camera)

QR code

QR codes as guides

One of the places where QR codes are widely used is as guides in many different forms

It can be about; museums where QR codes hang by the various works, such as; you can read more, see videos, pictures, etc.

It can also; be in activity parks, summerland, amusement parks and the like. where extra information can be given on rides, activities etc. 

QR codes in marketing/sales

Another place where QR codes are extremely effective is in marketing and sales, where QR codes e.g. can be used on printed material to bring the user enters på one's website.

It can be a QR code for a page made for the form or for a specific product.

The QR codes can be placed in the corner, and in particular; r places where people wait, such as bus and train stations, this form of marketing is good.

QR coding internally

QR codes can alsoå is used internally to guide employees into the right pages from e.g. internal guides or documents, or in integration with other systems.


Another place many people know QR codes from, and which shows how much they are used, is when you pay in shops and the like. with MobilePay. Here a QR code is scanned så you don't have to write the number for the store, and the scanner is built into the MobilePay app.
QR codes are also used; of other forms of payment.

How are QR codes scanned?

QR codes required before downloading a QR app on; his smartphone. But today, most smartphones can scan them directly with the built-in camera, which always makes it easy, and means that virtually everyone who sees the QR code has the opportunity to scan it.
Some still choose to use a QR scanner app as there are often several functions in it.

QR codes in the Flex4B system

In the Flex4B system, you can create QR codes super easily in the administration, e.g. for pages and products. It is easily done from the menu with click and you can print it or save it as a picture så it can be used in marketing.

By making QR codes for pages, så the user can be sent to all kinds of content such as text, images, video and much more. The possibilities are endless.

Many of our customers use this option, and it is a completely free feature that is always included.

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