19 Jan 2015
16 Apr 2024

CMS stands for Content Management System, which essentially means that it is a system for managing content.

There are many different systems, including; open source systems such as However, Wordpress
SaaS systems are gaining ground more and more in these years, because here you get the same advantages as the Open source systems, but without having to face the challenges that come with them. You can read more about this in our Wordpress alternative blog entry

The Flex4B system - CMS

Flex4Business offers a CMS in the Flex4B system, which means that you can easily control the content of your website.

It is a super modern system that has drag and drop, many templates, many functions and at the same time is super user-friendly.
The system is also a SaaS (Software as a Service ) system, which means that it is always kept up to date. Eg. we ensure that it is kept up-to-date with
- Security
- Technical Search Optimization (SEO)
- Usability
- Technology
and much more.
Furthermore, you get unlockable new functions for free.

Big screen Flex4B

In addition, the system can also expanded with both webshop, ticket system, season card system and much more, if you have the needs. There are also option for plugins that give access to functionality, integrations and much more.

Our system is made så everyone can use it, and we help you all the way with web design, optimization of content, possibly advertise on Google and social media and much more, så you can get a successful side.
With the Flex4B system, you get a strong relationship between you and your target group, and at the same time can help you with the digitization of several processes. If you also choose the webshop, then The system has many tools to increase sales and ensures optimal marketing to your customers. There is of course also; plugin for common tools such as e.g. Meta pixel (Facebook pixel), Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager

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