We support The Danish Heart Association

11 Sept 2023
6 Apr 2024

Flex4Business ApS is proud to extend our corporate partnership with Hjerteforeningen ( the Danish Heart Association), into 2023. We are convinced that our support makes a meaningful impact and encourage other businesses and individuals to contribute where it's most needed.

In 2021, 2022, and 2023, we have each year donated 7,000 DKK to the organization.

What do Hjerteforeningen and Hjertegalla Represent?

Hjerteforeningen (the Danish Heart Association) is a Danish non-profit organization committed to targeted prevention, knowledge dissemination, and volunteer engagement in matters related to heart health. Each year, approximately 56,000 Danes are affected by cardiovascular diseases, and the role of the organization in improving these statistics cannot be overstated. Hjerteforeningen focuses on various aspects such as information, research, support, and more.

The funding for Hjerteforeningen relies solely on donations, making every single Krone crucial. By supporting the organization, you are directly contributing to saving lives.

Ways to Support Hjerteforeningen

For businesses wishing to support Hjerteforeningen, there are various donation options available. The packages are divided into three categories: a small package for 3,500 DKK, a medium package for 7,000 DKK, and a large package for 12,000 DKK.

If you as an individual wish to support Hjerteforeningen, that is also possible. Here, you can choose to donate a monthly amount, for example, 50 DKK, or a one-time lump sum.