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7 Apr 2023
7 Apr 2024

In the search for a high-quality and free ticketing system, one can quickly end up in a dead end. Even though "Free ticketing system" and "Ticketing system free" are popular search terms, unfortunately, the quality of the offered systems is often not up to par - especially when considering the actual costs that can come with choosing a free ticketing system.

The dangers of choosing a free ticketing system

There are several dangers of choosing a free ticketing system, and it is often not recommended for serious businesses for the following reasons:

  • Lack of support: Free systems often have limited or no customer support, which can be problematic if technical issues arise.
  • Security issues: A free ticketing system may lack important security features, which increases the risk of data and payment security breaches.
  • Limited functionality: Free ticketing systems may have limited options and features, which can limit your business's growth and efficiency.
  • Lack of features cost money: When there are things the system cannot do, they are often sold as additional services, and it can require expensive code changes that are much more expensive than a SaaS system, for example, would have been
  • Operation: There is no guarantee of operation, and updates may mean the system is down for periods, and many revenues can be lost or you have to find a new system in a period when your sales are peaking.

Benefits of a cheap SaaS ticketing system

Investing in a good SaaS ticketing system can provide much better results and security than a free system. Some of the benefits of choosing a cheap SaaS ticketing system include:

  • Regular updates: SaaS systems are regularly updated, ensuring that you always have access to the latest technology and features.
  • Security and compliance: SaaS system vendors invest in security and comply with applicable standards and regulations.
  • Scalability: With a SaaS ticketing system, you can easily scale your business and tailor the system to your needs.
  • Low monthly fee: Several SaaS systems offer a fixed, low monthly price instead of fees per ticket or sale, which quickly becomes too expensive.

Increase earnings with a cheap ticketing system

By choosing a good SaaS ticketing system, it is possible to increase earnings, and the costs associated with the system are quickly earned back. With an efficient and modern ticketing system, you can optimize the sales process and attract more customers, and the system often has far more features that are proven compared to free alternatives. You also get a reliable system where you can spend your time on sales, marketing, etc. instead of technical issues.

Illustration of increased earnings

Sell tickets from your own site and keep all the profit

With a SaaS ticketing system, you can sell tickets directly from your own website and keep all the profits yourself. This is a significant advantage compared to ticket services such as "Ticketmaster", where you often have to share the profits with the service.

Integrating a SaaS ticketing system into your own webshop and website also gives you full control over the customer experience and branding of your business. This means that you do not have to compromise. There are often several integrations in SaaS systems, so you can still collaborate with external systems if you want to sell in other places.

SaaS systems with ticketing, webshop, CMS, and season ticket/card systems

Some SaaS systems offer an integrated solution that includes a ticketing system, a webshop, a CMS (Content Management System), and a season ticket/card system.

This provides the following advantages:

  • Centralized management: One platform to manage tickets, content, and products, simplifying the process and saving time.
  • Increased efficiency: With a combined system, you can optimize your workflows and increase efficiency in your business.
  • Better customer experience: Integrated systems provide a more cohesive and user-friendly experience for your customers - with fewer clicks to purchase.
  • Scalability: A unified SaaS system can easily adapt to your company's growth and changing needs.

Free ticketing system vs. SaaS ticketing system

In summary, while a "Free ticketing system" may seem tempting, it is worth considering a low-cost SaaS ticketing system to ensure better functionality, security, and profitability. By choosing a SaaS system, you can sell tickets from your own site, keep all the profits, and ensure a reliable system that is kept up to date. Additionally, you can find systems that include a ticketing system, webshop, CMS, and season ticket/card system, which provides a centralized and efficient solution to run your business.

The Flex4B system - the modern and flexible ticketing system

The Flex4B system is a modern and flexible solution that offers an integrated approach with ticketing system, webshop, CMS and season ticket/card system, etc.

Compared to a free ticketing system, the Flex4B system offers a range of advantages, including:

  • User-friendliness: With drag-and-drop features and ready-made templates, it is easy to update the content on the website and webshop.
  • Integrated marketing tools: The Flex4B system includes SEO, marketing automation, blog, upselling, gift cards, discount codes, and statistics to help increase sales and customer satisfaction.
  • Ongoing updates: The system is constantly updated with the latest features, security, and search optimization, without you having to do anything yourself. You even get new features for free.
  • Support: Quality support with quick responses so you can focus on your business rather than the technology.
  • Customized for different industries and needs: The Flex4B system can scale with your business and offers professional web design as well as customization of the system according to your wishes.
  • Ticketing system, webshop, CMS, and season ticket/card system in one integrated system for a low monthly fee.
  • Integrations: Lots of integrations and plugins

The Flex4B system is a high-quality ticketing system with service and flexibility that can provide a better experience for both customers and business owners compared to a free ticketing system.

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