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17 Jun 2017
3 Dec 2022

Github and Git

Git is very briefly an audit control system, which is used to ensure that updates made to the code are implemented correctly when there are several people working together on the code. It simultaneously keeps track of the changes made to the code.
Github is a secure service that hosts Git solutions and has the tools to use Git, and is the most used worldwide with over 117,000 companies and 22 million users in small, medium and large companies.


Flex4Business - git and Github

Flex4Business uses Git for many of the systems that are made - both to ensure that you can work together, but also to have audit control. We use Github's professional, secure and proven solution for the projects where we use Git.
It is not all systems and projects where Git and Github are used - but primarily, the systems where we have to collaborate with other programmers - e.g. tasks for other web and advertising agencies.

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