We support the heart association

30 Jun 2021
30 Jun 2021

Flex4Business ApS has chosen to support Hjerteforeningen (Danish organization against heart diseases) and become a business partner. In 2021, we chose to support with DKK 7,000, and we will continue doing that each year.

We are happy to support them and hope others will do the same.

Flex4Business has chosen to support the Hjerteforeningen (Danish organization against heart diseases) and "Knæk Cancer" (Danish organization againgst cancer) firmly every year.

How do you support the Hjerteforeningen?

There are many ways you can support it - even if it may not be financially viable.
Eg. the heart association has the national collection where you can register as a collector, and in that way go around and collect. Nowadays, it is also possible to collect via MobilePay, for example, so that you partly have less cash and so that people have a better opportunity to be able to contribute.

If you would rather collect online, then you can also start your own online collection from their website.

You can also play in the heart lottery which is a lottery where you can win prizes and where you can also support the heart association.

Visit the Hjerteforeningens website to see all the different ways you can support

Support with a donation

As a profession, you can support the heart association by going to the link below

If you instead want to support as a private person, then of course it is also possible. You can do this at the URL below