1 Mar 2016
1 Mar 2016

Today (where article is written - d. 01-03-2016) TechShop changes name to Flex4Business, but we would like to state that it is still the same legal entity with the same CVR number 25153790 .

Why a name change?

TechShop has been around since February 2000, and started with hardware sales through the webshop. The name was therefore adapted to this business model, but we have nevertheless stuck to the name over the years, even though we gradually changed the business model to increasingly supply customized systems to the business community. We have therefore now decided on a name change to send a clear communicative signal through the company name.

Flex4Business - Flexible web based solutions for business - matches what we want to focus on, namely to be able to deliver flexible, customized systems for business.

At the same time, we have made a much-needed change to our design line. We have improved the usability of our own website. This has been planned for a long time, but we have primarily focused on timely delivery of quality products to our customers. We have now found time for the change.


We have increased our focus on what we are good at, namely the area where the majority of our sales are located - flexible web systems adapted to your company's needs.
We are increasing our focus here in several areas, especially design, user-friendliness, accessibility and flexibility, but also in areas where the focus is already high, stability, safety and speed.

We still host the systems on our own business servers, located in a professional data center, to ensure the best and most stable overall operating solution.

New design line

Our new design line has long been needed. It supports our new product focus. In addition to this website, as well as our new logo, all our printed material is of course also completely redesigned. It's everything from business cards, envelopes and letterhead to signs, leaflets and brochures.


We hope our customers will appreciate the new design line and, not least, the many exciting initiatives in the product area.

You are of course, as always, welcome to contact us if you have any questions.