Holiday parks

19 Jun 2022
16 Apr 2024

In a holiday park, you have several needs for a web system, and the Flex4B system will be able to help you in many ways. In this blog post we will see why we think it is good for holiday parks. You are also welcome to visit our page on our website for holiday parks .

Great presentation

Our CMS provides the opportunity to make a super nice presentation of you on the web, and not least a search engine optimized page that allows people to find you. It is super user friendly and yet packed with options. At the same time, it is highly scalable both with existing plugins, but it is also possible to have special plugins made that match your wishes and needs.

Our CMS also provides other options. A good example is the possibility of making a digital guide with QR codes . You have the opportunity to create QR codes, which can point to different content such as video, text, images, pages, etc. It offers a lot of extra opportunities, which we would like to tell you more about.

Tickets and webshop

Our system also allows you to connect a webshop and a ticket system. In this way, you can easily and simply sell tickets for, for example, activities at places, and super easily scan them to validate. There are many different ways to scan, but it can also be done completely impractical with a smartphone.

We have a lot of options for different tickets, and even for different card types, if you need it (employee cards, season cards and the like).

The webshop module of course also allows for the sale of all other types of products, and the webshop can be both independent and fully integrated into the site - it's entirely up to you.

As a holiday park, you therefore have the opportunity to sell tickets for e.g. arrangements, events, possibly water park, activities and much more online, so your guests can see, plan and buy from home. In the high season, this also means fewer queues, and thus happier guests

Holiday parks illustration

Do you want to know more?

If the above sounds interesting to you as a holiday park, then you can read more here:

You can also contact us for a meeting or ask if necessary. questions Of course we are also happy to provide a free and non-binding offer .