Bambora partner

7 Dec 2016
7 Dec 2016

Flex4Business is a Bambora reseller, and offers to set up Bambora payment solutions in your company's webshops and systems. We offer payment cards in our own solutions, and we can also implement Bambora in your company's current solutions.

What is Bambora?

Bambora is a gateway that offers payment by debit card over the Internet. Bambora provides a secure server for the transaction, and we can thus set up a secure interface against the Bambora gateway, for payments to your webshop or system.

Flex4Business offers to set up the interface and Bambora for you, so you do not have to worry about anything.

Why Bambora through Flex4Business?

When you choose Flex4Business to set up your Bambora solution, you have the opportunity to get support for your interface as well - in other words, we provide help and support in all areas where problems may arise.

Flex4Business provides support for setup, module, implementation, operation, etc., so you can be confident that your payment solution works.

Flex4Business has been a Bambora / Epay reseller since 2006, and therefore has extensive experience with the product.

Prices for Bambora through Flex4Business?

Flex4Business always invoices the Bambora solutions at the same prices that Bambora itself offers via their website - you will thus never pay extra by buying it through Flex4Business.

There is a plugin in the Flex4B system when you buy a webshop so you are ready to accept payment cards and MobilePay etc. immediately

At the same time, you have the option of only contacting one place, as we can help with most Bambora problems. We can also help with the interface used. Finally, we can expand your Bambora interface if, for example, you need a subscription payment.

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