ePay Taken Over by Founders

5 Dec 2023
5 Dec 2023

ePay is once again returning to the Danish founders Morten and Thomas, as they have repurchased it from Worldonline, who had acquired it through the purchase of Bambora.

What does this mean for you as a customer?

Your customer relationship remains as is - meaning prices etc. will not change.
However, there will now be significant development on the platform again, which is also much needed.

This means that there will be major investments in the platform, including support for the latest payment methods such as Apple Pay/Google Pay, a new payment window, new administration, and more.

In addition, more emphasis will be placed on good customer service.

Learn more about it

You can read more about it on ePay's website, where you can also find general information about ePay

We continue to sell their products as a dealer so you get the same prices.