Danish ticket system

19 Jun 2022
11 Apr 2024

If you are looking for a Danish developed ticket system where you also have a webshop, CMS and possibly season ticket system, then we have a system that meets the requirements.

Our system has everything you could want, and you can read more about it:

Flex4B: Danish ticket system

The system has many functions which you can read more about in the links above.

The ticket system offers i.a. more options for scans

  • With smartphone (camera in smartphone)
  • Via POS (cash register system)
  • From computer with barcode scanner
  • From devices with integrated scanner

The ticket system can also validate many different things, including number, date, time, types of tickets, season tickets, physical items and much more.
All products can be sold from the webshop, and of course there are always full statistics on everything.

SaaS (Software as a Service) = ticket system without problems

Our system is a SaaS (Software as a Service) system. That means we stand for

  • That the system works
  • System and plugin updates
  • Security updates
  • Technical search engine optimization
  • Hosting the system

There are also continuously improved usability and brand new free features.

As we sell the system to many customers, it is not something that makes the system more expensive - on the other hand, it gives you a complete peace of mind in everyday life where we have control over the technical, and you can concentrate on what you are best at.

Danish ticket system and Danish support

Our system is 100% Danish developed. We have worked for a long time to create a super flexible system that can be easily updated and expanded. This means that you as a customer experience many improvements and updates on an ongoing basis, and at the same time you are sure to have a system that always keeps up with the times.
In contrast to, for example, open source, we have had Denmark as one of the primary markets and adapted it to this, but have at the same time made it flexible for other markets.
Our system has several languages, including Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, German, Dutch, Spanish and Finnish.
The majority of the customers who use it are in Denmark, but we also have customers in e.g. Norway, Finland, the Netherlands and Spain

We offer Danish and English support, and that means you always find it easy to get support.
At the same time, we are very committed to providing good support. This means i.a. we respond quickly and that we solve the challenges quickly so you do not have to wait or go through a longer process if you need support.
We have the option of support that is outside normal opening hours as well.

Danish ticket system

Scalable ticket system

The system can be scaled to suit your needs in many ways

  • We have many plugins that can be added
    • Both internal and plugins that put the system together with other systems
  • The system is so flexible that special things can be done for customers
    • Even with custom adjustments, you still get updates as usual
  • New languages, currencies, etc. can be easily added
    • Easy to start in a new market
  • The ticket system can be expanded with several validation options
    • Pt. you can scan from POS, smartphones, computers with scanners, etc.

In other words, it's incredibly flexible

Do you want to know more?

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