ChatGPT for SEO and Marketing

6 Feb 2023
6 Apr 2024

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence technology that has revolutionized SEO and marketing. This is one of the most advanced AI technologies available, and it can, among other things, help you optimize your website's content and get your website ranked higher in search results.

Get started with ChatGPT

It's super easy to get started with ChatGPT

  1. Go to ChatGPT's website
  2. Create a user if necessary
  3. Purchase a subscription to access, for example,
    1. Newer and faster AI
    2. Get better answers
    3. Create images
    4. Upload files it can use and analyze

ChatGPT for SEO

SEO is an important part of marketing, and ChatGPT can help you improve this. With ChatGPT, you can automate the writing of SEO-optimized articles, product descriptions, and other texts for your website. This can help you get a higher ranking in search results, which will lead to more traffic to your website.

You can use it throughout the content part of SEO. For example, it can help with keywords, rank keywords for you, write articles or sections with specific keywords, find out which keywords are important in an already written text, and many more things.

You simply have a conversation with ChatGPT, and then you will be able to get it to generate what you ask it to do.

ChatGPT for Marketing

ChatGPT can also help you improve your marketing. This AI tool can help you generate unique content for your social media platforms, email campaigns, and other marketing activities.

It can be used both offline and online, and it can write entire texts for you, edit texts, translate texts, and much more. It will help you engage your audience and increase your company's visibility on the internet, as well as optimize texts in your offline material.

You can have ChatGPT write a draft for an article on any topic, and then just adjust it afterwards.

How can ChatGPT help you?

  • Automate the writing of SEO-optimized texts
  • Write teasers, meta tags, open graph, and other relevant things
  • Sort keywords and make suggestions
  • Help you get a higher ranking in search results
  • Generate unique content for your marketing activities
  • Increase your company's visibility on the internet
  • Create SoMe material (texts and images)

ChatGPT examples

An important general thing when using AI is to prompt well - in other words, tell it what it should do, and give it good information.
Below we have made some examples


Get help finding keywords that match your products (Can easily be shortened without, for example, the list)

Develop a list of potential keywords for [YOUR PRODUCT OR SERVICE], targeting [YOUR TARGET GROUP, e.g., families, young professionals, event organizers]. Consider factors such as:

1. Core features of [YOUR PRODUCT OR SERVICE]: What are the primary benefits and uses?
2. Related activities or interests: What hobbies, habits, or needs do your target group have that relate to your product?
3. Geographical markets: Are there specific places or regions where your product is particularly relevant?
4. Seasonal variations: Are there specific times of the year when interest in your product might increase?
5. Specific expressions or slang: Does your target group use particular terms to describe your product or its features?

New texts

Get help writing SEO friendly product texts or other texts

Write a product text for tickets to [YOUR NAME], which is a [TYPE, e.g., amusement park, zoo, museum, concert]. The text should optimize for the keywords "Tickets to [YOUR NAME]" and "Ticket to [YOUR NAME]", [Please write more words]. The content should appeal to [TARGET GROUP, e.g., families, young, elderly, tourists], and the tone should be relaxed, but informative and correct. It is important that the text does not contain fictional elements; in case of doubts, it is preferred that you seek further information. Also include a short section that highlights unique experiences or attractions at [YOUR NAME], which could be a deciding factor for the decision to purchase a ticket.

Edit/rephrase texts

You can also use ChatGPT to correct texts you have already written

Correct errors in the following text. Pay attention to [specific type of error, e.g., spelling errors, grammatical errors, punctuation]. The text is [short description of the content or purpose of the text, e.g., a product description, an email, a blog post], and it is important that the language is [formal/informal, targeted at a specific target group]. Pay particular attention to [any specific instructions or focus areas].

Rephrase a text with correct keywords

Rephrase the following text so it better matches the keywords "[KEYWORDS]". Preserve the language and tone of the article, and correct any spelling and grammar errors. Focus on integrating the keywords naturally into the text, without compromising readability or the original message.

Social Media

When working with social media, you can also use ChatGPT to help

Prompt for content creation

Develop an engaging post text for [Social Media Platform] about [Topic], appealing to our primary target group, which is [Description of Target Group]. Include a call to action that motivates followers to [Action, e.g., comment, share, sign up]. Use a tone that is [Tone, e.g., informative, entertaining, inspiring] and make sure the text is optimized with hashtags related to [Relevant Hashtags].

Prompt for interacting with followers

Write a reply to a comment from a follower expressing [Feeling/Question about Topic]. The tone should be [Tone, e.g., friendly, professional, helpful], and the reply should both address their [Feeling/Question] and encourage further engagement by asking a follow-up question or offering additional value related to [Topic]. Below is the comment

Prompt for brainstorming campaign ideas

Generate ideas for a new social media campaign that conveys [Campaign's Core Message] and engages our target audience on [Social Media Platforms]. Consider trends, current events, or seasonal themes that could make the campaign particularly relevant. Sketch a rough plan that includes suggestions for content types, expected calls to action, and ways to measure the campaign's success.


ChatGPT can also be used to make more accurate translations

Translate the following text from Danish to English. Preserve the original meaning and nuances of the language, and ensure that the English version reflects the same tone and style as the Danish original. Pay attention to cultural expressions or idioms, and adapt them as necessary so they make sense in English.


ChatGPT can also create images with, for example, the following

Create an image in landscape format (1920x1080) that matches the following text and description. The image should reflect [THEME] with a mood of [MOOD]. Include elements such as [specific objects, people, natural phenomena, etc.], and make sure the colors and light in the image complement the text. The image is intended for [specified purpose, e.g., a SoMe post or an article etc.], so it is important that it both captures attention and clearly conveys the message.

Example a few examples of images generated with AI in ChatGPT


If you find it difficult to create good prompts, you can also get ChatGPT to do it

Create a prompt to translate texts from Danish to English

Create a short prompt to rephrase a [TEXT] so it better matches the keywords: [KEYWORDS] while preserving the language in the article.

ChatGPTs: GPT experts

If you have the paid version of ChatGPT then you can create GPTs. A GPT is a ChatGPT "robot" that behaves exactly as you have asked it to. 
You can, for example, create an SEO/marketing GPT, which is an expert in that area, is good at writing engaging texts that are search optimized and that writes a language you wish for the target audience, or an expert in law that only gives you answers that are validated and correct according to the law, and therefore must not be creative in the answers.

GPTs are super easy to set up, as you just tell ChatGPT how it should be in a chat, and then ChatGPT creates them for you.

What ChatGPT cannot help with regarding SEO and marketing yet

Although ChatGPT is an advanced technology that can help with many tasks within SEO and marketing, there are still some things it cannot help with yet.

  • Creativity: ChatGPT is good at generating texts and content, but it cannot necessarily always create the unique voice and creative expression that many companies seek. Therefore, human intervention will still be necessary when it comes to creating creative content.
  • Ethical consideration: AI technologies like ChatGPT are not capable of ethical thinking and considering whether the content they generate is appropriate or not. Therefore, it is still the human's responsibility to consider whether the generated content complies with the company's ethical guidelines.

So although ChatGPT can do a lot of the work with SEO and marketing, human intervention will still be necessary in some areas. However, it is a useful technology that can help improve processes and increase efficiency in SEO and marketing.

Should you use ChatGPT?

ChatGPT should be seen as a tool that is a huge advantage to know nowadays. You don't need to be a professional in marketing anymore to write good texts or work with content-based SEO.

Over time, the AI will get even better and will be able to do even more, and therefore some jobs will need to be adapted to this.

We recommend trying it out, but still remember that it is an AI, and therefore sometimes human intervention is needed to solve tasks in the best possible way.

We recommend the paid version of ChatGPT as it gives significantly better results.
If you already have Google products, then Google's alternative: Google Gemini can also be a good alternative
You can also use Microsoft CoPilot which is free

ChatGPT can easily be used together with the Flex4B system to ensure you get the best optimized content, and since the Flex4B system is kept fully up to date on technical SEO, you will be able to achieve top rankings on Google.

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