Cases and references

4 Mar 2016
4 Mar 2016

Flex4Business has been helping many customers since February 2000, when we started up.

In this connection, we have a lot of references - too many to show on one page. As we have been around for a long time, several customer relationships are also long-lasting - we have had some customers for over 20 years.

Cases at

We have collected some cases on our Flex4Business cases page .

We have tried to select some different customers, as the Flex4B system is very flexible and thus allows many different industries and many different sizes of companies
We have references for customers who use CMS, webshop, ticket system and season ticket system, and we have selected some customers who use it in different ways.

On the case page, you can e.g. also read what our customers themselves say about the collaboration, and in that way form an impression of i.a. our service.

Fun facts about Flex4Business:
- Flex4Business has gained the vast majority of customers through existing customers who have recommended Flex4Business
- Flex4Business has been around since February 2000 (formerly called TechShop)
- Flex4Business has made the Flex4B system which is used by all our customers and thus is extremely flexible
- The Flex4B system is adapted to many industries, and has a CMS, webshop, ticket system and season ticket system (can be used separately or together)
- Flex4B systems are a SaaS system so we are responsible for the technical and provide updates, technical SEO, user-friendliness, new functions, etc.