Ticket system for attractions

15 Dec 2022
10 Apr 2024

If you are looking for a good ticketing system for attractions, look for; we have one that is easy to use and at the same time gives you everything you expect from a modern ticketing system. 

User-friendly ticket system 

Our ticket system is super easy to use, and you don't need any kind of technical knowledge or expensive equipment.

You can scan tickets at several ways

  • Through a regular computer with a barcode scanner
  • Through POS/Cash system (integrations for some, and can be made for others)
  • Via smartphone and built-in camera

You can thus get started cheaply, as well as use the equipment you already own, and it can all be controlled from our user-friendly administration.
We can, of course, also; Help with hardware if øwanted

Online ticketing system

Our ticket system is an online ticket system, which means that you do not have to invest in expensive equipment and that you have access to it from anywhere at the same time. This means that you can easily work flexibly and e.g. see statistics from home. You alsoå can make events that can be scanned with a regular smartphone, which means you can have events in different places that are connected to your attraction.

It is of course made with a high level of security, which ensures that others cannot get access to any data. We also ensure; for the system to be fully updated, i.a. within security without you having to do anything.

Ticket system for attractions

Proven ticketing system

Our ticket system is used by many customers and thoroughly tested, soå you can be sure of everything runs without problems and has the functions that are needed. Our customers sell and validate many, many thousands of tickets for the right in parks, at attractions and for events.
An example of; one of our customers is Sommerland Sjælland (Danish), which you can read more about at our Flex4B Cases page

The system is a SaaS (Software as a Service) system, and is therefore constantly being developed without it costing you anything extra

This means, among other things, får

  • Latest security
  • Continuously updated technical SEO
  • Always updated system
  • Always updated plugins
  • Continuous improvements in usability
  • New functions and new options

In other words, you therefore always have a fully updated and modern system

Ticket system for attractions

Which attractions can the ticket system be used for?
The ticket system works for many different types of attractions and arrangements. It is made flexible så you can adapt it to the individual company through settings. This means that it can work for both events that are seasonal, for individual attractions and for example for places that have the entire court where there is entry validation.
We have customers who use it for everything from Sommerland, parks, museums, individual attractions and for Christmas lunches etc. It is therefore super flexible, and we have extensive experience with the needs that arise in the various places, and adapt and expand it to the needs that arise.

Do you want to know more?
Read more about the Flex4B ticket system

Sale from own webshop

Together with the ticket system comes a full webshop in which the ticket system is deeply integrated, such as; you can easily sell all kinds of tickets, and manage e.g. from and to the sale date/time, as well as when they are valid from and to. 

We do not take any money per sold ticket, and you thus receive the full income from your sales in contrast to many of the services that offer ticket sales. 
There is also built-in partner system så You can still sell through partners, and several integrations make it super easy.

Read more about Flex4B webshop

Option for card system (year card/season card)

If you have a year card or a season card in connection with your attractions, så can there also be a complete card system is offered where year cards/season cards can be administered.
There is an option for printed cards where we have a system that allows customers to stand and fill them in as well as take a picture (they can also fill in everything including a picture from home on the webshop), and we can also offer digital maps through the app.
All maps are also integrated in the webshop, så they can be sold and renewed directly, and they can of course be scanned in the ticket system.

Read more about the Flex4B card system


Along with it all, a full CMS is included, which is easy to use with drag and drop and no-code. 
You choose even if you set up your entire website with it, or if you just use it for the webshop part. The options are there and there are many templates and options.

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Free meeting or questions?

If you would like to hear more about the ticket system or are interested in a meeting where we can present it, such as; finally contact us