AI directly in Bing, Edge, etc.

1 Apr 2023
26 Jun 2023

In the modern technological world, artificial intelligence (AI) has become an essential part of our daily lives. It is no surprise that major companies like Microsoft are constantly working to improve and integrate AI into their products. One of the latest developments in this direction is the integration of AI directly into the Bing search engine and Microsoft Edge. This article will delve into how AI in the form of ChatGPT, GPT-4, Bing AI, Microsoft AI, and Dall-E is embedded in these platforms and provide examples of how it can be used in practice.

Bing AI: Revolutionizing Search Engines

Bing, Microsoft's search engine, has integrated AI technology directly into its search functionality. This allows users to access advanced AI features, such as:

  • Chat
  • Message
  • Insight

Bing AI leverages technologies like ChatGPT and GPT-4, resulting in an improved search experience and accuracy.

AI Integration in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge, a popular web browser, has also recently received AI integration. Some of the key AI features embedded in Edge include:

  • Chat functionality
  • Automatic content generation
  • Insight into text and images

Below is an image showing that it is now integrated directly into the Edge browser and can be expanded as needed

With these features, users can experience a more intelligent and personalized browsing experience and have an assistant at hand when creating content.

Dall-E and Generating AI Images with Bing

In addition to improving search and browsing experiences, Bing now also offers the ability to generate AI images using Dall-E technology. This tool can:

  • Create unique, customized images based on user input
  • Generate images in different styles and formats

This opens up new possibilities in web content and graphic design.

AI and Website Content

AI technologies like ChatGPT, GPT-4, and Dall-E can help improve website content in several ways, including:

  • Creating engaging and relevant texts
  • Generating unique and customized images
  • Providing insight into user preferences and behavior

Examples of using AI for website content may include:

  • Automatically generating blog posts and articles based on keywords and topics
  • Creating infographics and illustrations to support text content
  • Customizing content based on user data and preferences

SEO Optimization with AI

To ensure that your website is found by search engines like Bing, it is important

to optimize your content for search engine optimization (SEO). AI technologies such as ChatGPT, GPT-4, Bing AI, and Microsoft AI can help optimize your website in the following ways:

  • Keyword analysis: Identify the most relevant keywords and search phrases for your content, and incorporate them naturally into your text.
  • Content optimization: Generate engaging and informative content that attracts and retains user attention.
  • Technical SEO: Analyze and improve your website's speed, mobile-friendliness, and structured data to ensure it is easily indexed by search engines.

Bing Chatbot - Data after 2021

One of the most notable benefits of the built-in AI chatbot in Bing is its ability to provide updated data after 2021. Unlike ChatGPT, which has a knowledge cutoff ending in 2021, Bing AI chatbot can see and index everything on the web, ensuring that users have access to the most up-to-date and relevant information.

Other Benefits of Bing AI Chatbot

In addition to providing updated data, the Bing AI chatbot also offers a range of other benefits, including:

  • Real-time interaction: Bing AI chatbot can interact with users in real-time, making it possible to answer questions and provide immediate feedback.
  • Personalized experience: The AI chatbot can tailor its responses based on user preferences and previous searches, providing a more personalized experience.
  • Improved search accuracy: Thanks to advanced AI algorithms, the Bing AI chatbot can present more accurate and relevant search results for users.
  • Multimedia features: In addition to text-based responses, the chatbot can also present multimedia content such as images, videos, and audio files.
  • Language understanding: Bing AI chatbot supports multiple languages and can therefore understand and respond to inquiries from users around the world.

Is Microsoft alone with AI?

Microsoft is not alone with AI. All major tech companies have a strong focus on being able to offer AI.

Google, for example, is working on Google Bard, which is also being integrated into several of their products.

At the time this article was written, Microsoft has come a bit ahead of their competitors with OpenAI, also because they have offered all users access to AI via ChatGPT and integration into Bing and Edge.

Flex4B System and AI

At Flex4Business ApS, we follow AI closely and use what is possible. At the same time, we are happy to help our customers become even better at using AI, so they can get help creating high-quality content.

We can assist with what AI can do, what is lacking, and how it can be used as a good assistant.

Our system is well adapted to this, and the possibility of using AI to create SEO-friendly content while ensuring top technical SEO can help ensure that our customers are at the top of search results.


The integration of AI in Bing and Microsoft Edge, including the built-in AI chatbot, has revolutionized the way we interact with search engines and browsers. With access to updated data after 2021 and the ability to see everything on the web, Bing AI chatbot offers users precise and relevant information in real-time. This, combined with its personalized experience, improved search accuracy, multimedia features, and language understanding, makes it a powerful tool for users and content creators.

At the same time, the built-in AI in Bing and Microsoft Edge allows for the creation of engaging and SEO-optimized content using technologies like ChatGPT, GPT-4, and Dall-E. This combination of advanced AI features and updated data enables both users and content creators to benefit from a smarter and more personalized online experience, leading to a future of greater innovation and improvements in search engines and web browsers.

At Flex4Business ApS, we can help with how to use AI as well as the opportunities and limitations that exist. Our Flex4B system is tailor-made for the task, whether you choose CMS, webshop, ticket system, card system or all 4 systems.

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