26 Mar 2019
26 Mar 2019

This article was updated on 26 March. 2019 - original article was from 13-06-2017

5G technology - what is it?

We know 4G from the network on our mobile phones. Although in many places 4G has not really reached its full potential in terms of speed and to some extent also spread in peripheral areas, the IT industry predicts 5G to be the technology that really kicks off our digital world.
TDC has already promised in 2020 that there will be a 5G network for the whole of Denmark, in a major collaboration with Ericsson. (Read more on TV2), and more suppliers will probably follow suit.

With 5G, gigabit connections (which we otherwise only know from fiber networks etc.) reach everyone via the air.
At the same time, several of the problems we, for example, disappear. know from 4G.
- In areas with many users, you experience reduced speeds on 4G, because each mobile cell can only handle a few thousand users - with 5G, it will be millions of users instead.
- Latency is much better, which generally means that the phone gets faster responses and delays disappear.
- Coverage should improve and benefit rural areas

5G is therefore a giant leap from 4G, and a much bigger leap than we saw from 3G to 4G.

Can it change our digital world?

The IT industry believes that the new 5G technology is going to change a lot, especially because they are looking at the many new opportunities it offers in other things than what we use today.

They predict that 5G will really set several things in motion:
1: Everyone gets access to gigabit connections
2: The Internet of Things (IoT) is really becoming widespread and will do more (devices like smart TV, Google Home, smart bulbs, smart locks, etc.)
3: Even 8K quality video becomes possible everywhere
4: Several visions can be implemented, e.g. self-driving cars as everyone owns

Read more about what 5G is and can do in Computerworld

Websites and 5G

Even though 5G provides much faster networks, you still do what you can to optimize web pages as much as possible. Read more in our blog post about website speeds
However, 5G means that you can do more exciting things with IOT and media on the pages

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